GoBHB® is an alternative energy source to efficiently fuel mind
and body.

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If you count on performance,
count on Compound Solutions.

Compound Solutions is the go-to company representing and distributing unique, patented nutraceutical ingredients that improve the health and performance of individuals.


CSI supplies effective, science-based, quality ingredients to sports nutrition, functional food and nutraceutical manufacturers. We are committed to building and maintaining long-term relationships with our global customers and suppliers.

A source of clean, sustained energy perfectly suited to the physical demands of dedicated athletes, busy professionals, or those attentive to maintaining a healthy weight.

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Limits muscle breakdown and improves the muscle’s ability to repair itself after exercise, safely reducing the time between workouts.

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Formulated for serious athletes seeking maximum physical performance, PeakO2 maximizes human power and endurance.

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The key to top performance begins with energy and focus. TeaCrine® helps competitive athletes and driven professionals break through plateaus, while staying in control with a smooth lift in energy and focus and no crash.


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Clean Cream is a heart-healthy, clean-label creamer adding a rich, creamy taste and texture to both vegan and non-vegan protein shakes and bars.


We believe in internal strength and
a never-quit work ethic.


We believe in maximizing ᅠhuman potential.


We believe an insatiable desire to learn
is critical to success.


We believe that we should be an excellent partner to our vendors, suppliers and customers.


We believe in clear, direct communication and transparency in business.


We believe science and research is
paramount to human advancement.

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About Our Manufacturing

We are committed to quality and excellence.

Our facility is now a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility registered by NSF International. Earning GMP registration from NSF International verifies that Compound Solution’s facility has the proper methods, equipment, and controls in place for producing dietary supplement products.

From distribution to warehousing, analysis to research, see how our team will exceed your needs every time.

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We believe in the best customer service on the planet, let's talk.



1930 Palomar Point Way

Suite 105

Carlsbad, CA 92008

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