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How does

Carb10® work

Low osmolality enables Carb10® to speed through the stomach. So, rather than causing bloating, Carb10® passes rapidly into the large intestine where it aids the gut microbiome — all without causing a spike in insulin.

What is Carb10®

Carb10® is a major advancement in healthy, low-glycemic carbohydrates from Compound Solutions. Unlike maltodextrin-based supplements—which can cause unnatural spikes in blood-sugar levels (and the crashes or bloating that typically follow)—Carb10® is a source of clean, sustained energy perfectly suited to the physical demands of dedicated athletes, busy professionals, and those attentive to maintaining a healthy weight.






Convenient powder shakes

Weight Gainer shakes

Healthful benefits delivered

  • Minimal blood-sugar and insulin response


  • Fast gastric-emptying formula reduces bloating


  • Low osmolality
  • Mixes easily and tastes neutral in food and drink


  • Prebiotic, non-allergenic,
    non-GMO, and gluten-free

Carbs reloaded

Carb-loaders have come to accept the effects of maltodextrin, but Carb10® provides 82% lower insulin response and 27% lower blood-sugar response. With an osmolality of just 30 mOsm, it’s the choice for weight gainers seeking healthier sports nutrition.

Blood Glucose Response

Insulin Response

Gastric Emptying

Stomach Volume (CC)

Blood Glucose (mg/dL)

Statistical differences between trials were observed at:


30 Min; p=0.001

60 Min; p=0.07 (trend)

90 Min; p=0.001

120 Min; p=0.001

Statistical differences between trials were observed at:


30 Min; p=0.001

60 Min; p=0.02

Statistical differences between trials were observed at:


15 Min; p=0.02

30 Min; p=0.02

45 Min; p=0.06

Blood Glucose (mg/dL)

Insulin (µIU/mL)







Blood Glucose Comparison Chart

Cluster Dextrin’s blood glucose response is 5–10% lower than maltodextrin while Carb10’s is 27% lower than maltodextrin.

Cluster dextrin



Fuel for sport and life

Carb10® eliminates the digestive discomfort caused by many carb formulas. That makes
it ideal for creating everything from healthier dietary supplements and satisfying
meal-replacement products to nutrition-based endurance formulas and sports drinks.


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