Beta-Hydroxybutyrate is a ketone body providing a direct energy source to the brain and muscles.
You do not have to be in a ketogenic state to benefit from goBHB®. Even those with low
carbohydrate diets can experience the benefits of higher energy and better performance.

Translation: It's a non-carb energy source

Mind, Body,


Boost Mental and

Physical performance

Ketone bodies include acetoacetate, acetone and beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) which facilitate mental and physical performance. goBHB® is a ketone body delivering an immediate boost of energy and performance to athletes, busy professionals and “Biohackers” looking for an edge.

Is goBHB® just for athletes?

Not even close. Anyone looking to manage their weight, or feel more energetic throughout their day will love goBHB®. Busy professionals, on-the-go moms or dads, or college students looking for extra hours in the day will benefit from goBHB®. “Biohackers”
love goBHB® for its ability to maximize cognitive potential.

Discover the benefits of gobhb®:

  • Carbohydrate-free fuel
    for muscle and brain*
  • Stimulates “metabolic shift” away from glucose dependence*
  • Immediate and sustained energy fuel for exercise*
  • Reduce hunger*
  • Improved cognition*
  • Benefits of a ketogenic diet




In the gym, in the car,

at home or at work:



Keto powder


Meal replacement



fat shakes

What is goBHB®?

GoBHB® is a ketone body, a breakthrough energy supplement from Compound Solutions.

When eating a low carbohydrate diet, the liver converts fats to ketones, which serve
as an alternative energy source for the brain, heart and muscle. With goBHB®, you
are ingesting a ready-to-use ketone body, giving athletes and busy professionals
more energy, performance, and focus.


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