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Compound Solutions - Thursday, June 14, 2018

Pre-workout supplements are the most popular and beloved products on the market, so what's not to love about them?

They deliver much-needed energy when you're tired, and they can skyrocket your mood amidst a crummy day. They help you perform better in your workouts, and, perhaps best of all, they can help deliver massive muscle pumps!

There are several proven ingredients to help you get a pump, with most of them serving the same purpose — boosting nitric oxide production.

But, there's been an important discovery of an ingredient that not only stimulates nitric oxide production, but also causes endothelial relaxation. This breakthrough in sports nutrition is called VASO6™.


Benefits of Nitric Oxide

Before getting to the benefits of nitric oxide, let's give a quick primer on what nitric oxide is. Nitric Oxide (NO) is an important cell-signaling molecule in the body that's involved in numerous functions throughout the body. Chief among those functions pertains to supporting optimal blood flow throughout the body, particularly your muscles, via vasodilation ("opening" or "widening" of the blood vessels. NO is so important to human health that Dr. Louis Ignarro and two others were awarded the Nobel Prize for its discovery in 1998. Its function isn't just for the "pump" in the gym, but heart health.

When blood vessels are dilated, this leads to:

- Increased blood flow to the brain and muscles, which can yield:

* Better endurance

* Ability to push harder in workouts

* Greater oxygen and nutrient delivery to working muscles

* Enhanced removal of metabolic by-products that accumulate as a result of exercise

* Improved mental performance

* Reduced mental fatigue

* Regulated body temperature and pH balance

Outside of pure performance benefits, nitric oxide also plays a critical role in overall health, as it

-Decreases platelet aggregation and adherence of platelets and leukocytes to endothelium

Essentially, this means that blood flows more freely through the vascular network of your body, avoiding any potentially hazardous clots that could obstruct blood flow and result in a variety of circulation complications.

- Inhibits oxidation of low density lipoproteins (LDL)

The oxidation of low density lipoproteins is an intricate process involving oxidative changes to both proteins and lipids. Essentially, LDL cholesterol particles react with free radicals, becoming "oxidized LDL", which subsequently makes it more reactive (hazardous) to your surrounding tissues, and can lead to tissue damage. It's believed that oxidized LDL can play a significant factor in the progression of atherogenesis, a disorder of the arterial wall.[8,9]

-Protects against early phases of atherogenesis

As we just mentioned, atherogenesis is the onset or beginning of the early stages of atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries caused by the accumulation of plaque. This buildup reduces artery flexibility and smoothness and disrupts the free flow of blood throughout the body, potentially leading to heart attack or stroke.

Nitric oxide improves vasodilation in the endothelial tissues, which causes a widening of blood vessels, allowing for optimal flow throughout the entire vascular network.

As you can see, vasodilation is a very, very beneficial action in the body, and ultimately it's responsible for the increased vascularity and "skin-tearing" pumps you get during resistance-training.


Ultimately, supplement companies seek to increase vasodilation utilizing a common set of ingredients that boost nitric oxide. The end result is more open blood vessels, but only nominally so compared to VASO6™.

There's a bit of an "issue" with this increased blood flow, and therefore the conventional nitric oxide boosters. The reason your heart is pumping more blood is because it's working harder to get blood through veins that haven't fully relaxed, i.e. more strain, wear and tear on the most important muscles on the body.

Essentially, VASO6™ makes your cardiovascular system work smarter, not harder. It inhibits endothelin-1 (ET-1) expression and secretion from endothelial cells to improve the bioavailability of NO. [16] So, in addition to the superior boost in nitric oxide it delivers compared to the competition, VASO6™ also relaxes veins, reducing the amount of strain on the heart and cardiovascular system. What this means is that VASO6™ is not only a valuable performance enhancing supplement,  but also a daily health supplement regardless of age or activity level.

With better blood flow and better endothelial function, you can push harder for longer during training, but also have peace of mind that you have a healthy heart, ultimately allowing you to live a healthier, more energetic life.

Best of all, VASO6™ is also natural and regulatory compliant across the globe!

So, what exactly is VASO6™?


What is VASO6™?

To get to the real heart of what VASO6™ is, lets have a quick chemistry primer.

A monomer is essentially any molecule that can bond to other identical molecules to form long chains of monomers called polymers.

An oligomer is a special "subcategory of polymers" consisting of a "few" monomers. The difference between a polymer and oligomer is that technically speaking, polymers could be made up of an infinite amount of monomers, while oligomers generally refer to complexes containing two monomers (dimeter), three monomers (trimeter), or four monomers (tetrameter).

Proanthocyanidins are oligomeric compounds formed from catechin and epicatechin molecules.

VASO6™ is a PATENTED, gallate-enhanced oligomer made up of dimers, trimers, tetramers and pentamers that is a powerful stimulator of nitric oxide production derived from the extracts of grape seed or green tea. The addition of gallic acid (galloylation) increases the biological activity enhanced counterparts, thus highlighting the fact that VASO6™ isn't the same as regular green tea extract.

VASO6™ contains only the most bioactive oligomeric compounds that exhibit the highest endothelium-dependent relaxation (EDR).

Research has shown that these compounds cause endothelium-dependent relaxation (EDR) activity in vitro via the release of endothelial nitric oxide (NO) and subsequently increase cyclic guanosine monophosphate (GMP) levels in the vascular smooth muscle cells, ultimately increasing vasodilation and blood flow, while simultaneously lowering blood pressure.


VASO6™ — THE Cardiovascular and Performance Boosting Supplement

VASO6™ promotes not only a stronger increase in nitric oxide production than today's common pump, it also improves heart health by reducing the strain on your entire cardiovascular system, providing a 1-2 punch that no other supplement can match.

Supplement smarter, so you can train harder with VASO6™!



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