True bioavailability

NextHEMP™ is 20x more bioavailable into the blood than "regular" hemp extract, which is critical to maximizing the benefits of hemp extract. It's estimated that 90% of "regular" hemp extract isn't absorbed thus requiring doses upwards of 200mg.* NextHEMP™ is fully water soluble which is crucial for efficiently transporting hemp extract into the bloodstream.

* Compared with the competitor's hemp extract in an olive oil carrier, nextHEMP™
was 20x more effective in getting into the bloodstream at 30 minutes post-ingestion. Because the measurement comes from a biological system, this number may vary from person to person, sometimes exceeding 20x.

NextHEMP™ helps turn on endocannabinoid receptors in the brain and immune system.
These receptors are key regulators of numerous mental and physical functions.


We cannot make any medical claims for nextHEMP™.

However, benefits we can discuss include:

• Hemp extract is not psychoactive (no "high")

• The hemp plant is sustainable, fast-growing,
   and good for the earth

• Stability in water

NextHEMP™ overcomes conventional hemp extract's poor absorption, which allows for lower dosing, smaller softgels or capsules to swallow, and a lower cost.

hemp extract

What is nextHEMP?

How does nextHEMP work?

You use less and get more with nextHEMP

NextHEMP™ is extracted from hemp grown in the U.S., and then encased in
a proprietary bioavailability matrix for superior absorption into the blood,
20x that of the leading hemp extract competitor.

NextHEMP's proprietary encapsulation matrix protects the hemp extract and allows it to reach its targets




• Superior bioavailability

• World-renown scientific and legal advisory board

• Affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

• Stability in Ready-To-Drink beverages

• Lower dose requirements
(smaller softgels)

• Works in minutes, lasts for hours

• Fully water soluble

• Multi-patented technology



Pet Nutrition



Cosmetics & Personal Care


Functional Oils



Our hemp-derived CBD is not psychoactive, and its benefits to health and wellness are well documented. A simple web search provides ample information on CBD.

Our hemp extract is not psychoactive, and its benefits to health and wellness are well documented.
A simple web search provides ample information on hemp extract.


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